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Things have been a little quiet here in our slice of blogosphere because we have some very exciting things going on! We're in the process of changing our blog/website to WordPress, and enhancing all sorts of the content! 

I CANNOT wait to have something NEW & FRESH to share with you, and hope to launch the new site within the next month!

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Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're waking up in snow or sun, I hope your Valentine's Day is a memorable one! I'm preparing for my 'Ladies & Babies' SoriƩe tonight, so naturally, my to do list is a mile long! Help me to remember the immense love in my life when I am driving through this city like a mother on a mission and throwing appetizers on the plate! HA!

There will be ladies, babies, food, drink and a whole lotta laughs and smiles! 
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Xs and Os to you and your brood from me and mine! 




Today is one of those days that makes all of the days before just make sense! I am so excited to be traveling with my clients this weekend to their wedding venue for some early stage WEDDING STYLING!

My bride (yes she is mine) Taylor and I have known each other since high school; and after 10+ years , I've been blessed to be chosen as the future Mr. & Mrs. Rich Hossfeld's Wedding Stylist!

If you need me, here's where I'll be!

And here is quiet possibly one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Which come October 18th, will become a very close second to the little shindig we're creating!

(Do yourself a favor and watch the video)

Happy Weekend!



Everyone has one... that place in your home where everyone in your family comes home and literally DROPS everything. Doesn't matter what it is- backpacks, shopping bags, dogs, shoes, groceries, car keys, coats, mail, neighbors (HA)! Do you have a dedicated "DROP ZONE" in your home? Although most likely NOT labeled "DROP ZONE", most people have some sort of unofficial area where complete and total chaotic clutter and mess is totally acceptable.

Ours is this quaint little cabinet and countertop area right outside of our laundry room/garage entrance. When we bought this house, I sort of loved it! It was so well done, coordinating with the rest of our countertop and cabinet scheme and seemed like such a great little area for extra storage. I could literally see myself standing there in my pearls folding laundry in a beautifully done, dedicated space. ... Let the laughing commence! I don't wear pearls (usually) and I don't fold laundry (when I can at all avoid it). Ok, I fold laundry but it's never in an organized or dedicated manner! So after a year in this palace, I've decided there is a much better use for this prime space!


Hubby won't just let me start demo'ing things without a pretty significant plan, so I've set out to create an awesome MUDROOM with all of the things found in a traditional Mudroom, and hopefully a few other elements that assist in making this family run like a well oiled Dyson vacuum.

It's got to have a great bench. It needs to be low enough for kiddo butts but high enough for a great pair of Hunters to perch underneath. 


Our pup Tucker (formally known as Bubba- or is it the other way around?) is crate trained. I love that fact that he loves his little metal hut but I do not love the fact that it is a real eye sore. As far as I am concerned this is one of my best ideas EVER. Hubby will thank me later when we can regain the real estate under his crate in our living space! 

I'm pretty sure the gizmo to person ratio in this home is like 3:1. With so many crucial elements in our daily life running on battery power, we naturally need a central place to charge everything. If it could stop taking over our kitchen counter, that would be even better!

Obviously the key to any good Mudroom is a place to hang. A BIG place. Plenty of space for backpacks, lunch pails, coats (or swimsuits in Arizona) and superhero costumes. In order to keep the space flowing between the halls, we're going to go for less of a confined locker look, and something more shelf like; see below!


The most traditional look for a Mudroom is probably white, or some shade of it. Again, I mention the space we have to work with for our future Mudroom, which is a transitional space between two meeting halls and our laundry room/garage entrance. That being said, I'm going to seize the opportunity to bring in some additional color and paint our unit! It shall be a deep and dynamic shade of, you guessed it- GRAY!

We're currently working on our Patio Perk-Up, which is going swimmingly! After that's completed (hopefully next week), we'll be on to the MUDROOM de FORGIONE! Keep up with all of my inspiration on my MUDROOM{ish} Board on Pinterest!

Stay Stylish & DIY the heck out of something this week/weekend!

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Driftwood is one of the hottest woods right now! The "reclaimed" look has taken over and can often come with a big price tag! Lucky for us, there are a ton of ways to get a similar look, without using actual reclaimed wood. Driftwood, or for those in the desert, look alike driftwood is one of them!

I've been known to have a major crush on road debris... mostly one man's trash, but I've also always got my eyes open for great wood pieces! You know, what most people refer to as sticks and branches! Check out a post here where I used part of a long roadside stick to create a West Elm lookalike centerpiece!

While hiking with the hubs and Harper Rose, we came across several amazing pieces of wood! As usual, I screamed... and told hubs that these would become driftwood inspired candle holders!


  • Sticks! Keep your eyes peeled all around! Even if you don't live in the desert, I'm sure there is a natural area someplace (unless maybe you consider natural area Central Park) where aged wood pieces lay!
  • Glue Gun
  • Glass tea light holders (mine came from Ikea, but Goodwill is always loaded with them! For like .33 cents!)
  • Tea Lights
Be sure to wash your wood (carefully) and glass tea light holders to ensure they are nice and clean! 

Identify the best side of the wood piece. Look for the way the wood lays best on a flat surface, and where there are places that the tea light holder balances. Ideally you want the bottom of the tea light holder to be flush with a piece of the wood so it can be glued securely. You want the wood to have character, but you also want it to have a natural symmetry of some kind. However, it shouldn't be perfect! 

After identifying where your glasses should go, place them into the stick and begin gluing! 

Glue one, two, three, four, as many as you'd like in your stick! Let them dry, insert your tea lights and you're ready to style!

These would be stunning worked into any decor! I would love to see these floating down the center of a lovely reception table at  a rustically styled wedding!

Stay Stylish and DIY something this week!


PATIO PERK UP (working on an easy backyard update)

It's the middle of January. Most people's backyards look like this:

 Courtesy of my Mother in Law in sunny New Jersey!

Meanwhile, here in Arizona we've been doing this:

I know, you're mad at me... I seriously LOVE winter. For about two months. Up until New Year's Day, me and winter go together like eggs and bacon. Then all of the holiday decor comes down and I am kicked into feeling like I cannot wait until summer is back again! Maybe not summer per say... 115 is a little generous in the heat department... More like late Spring! When the flowers have bloomed, it's about 90, not a cloud in the sky and nothing but joyous living to do!

These feelings ignited a fire in me! Although it's back to 77 degrees here, our backyard looks like it's been through one of the harshest winters ever! It just feels drab. Cold (not so much but you know what I mean), stark, void of all warmth. We obviously need to redecorate. Duh.

No where in any budget is there room for new patio furniture or much of anything else... We've got to make new with what we've got, and here's how we're going to do it!

I'm going to take our little conversation set that is bronzed metal with a yellowy/brown cushion and paint it. Then I'm going to recover some of the cushions, possibly remove a few, and add fresh new fabric to the very faded outdoor pillows. Since much of what feels "dated" in any space is the arrangement, I think we'll swap the patio sides and see how it flows. I've also talked hubby into evicting the fan (like a fan does anything when it's 115 out) for a garage sale wrought iron chandelier I've been sitting on for a while, all to create some romance! Add a side table, maybe a cheap lamp with textural shade and some coastal feeling accessories. That should do it!

Go with me on a little walk into patio peace with these inspirational photos!


If we can get our patio to half of what these beauties are, it'll be the start of an amazing Spring!  

I love coastal and rustic. I'm hitting the rustic thing pretty hard lately but achieving coastal in the middle of the desert takes serious dedication. An outdoor space is the perfect place to add it if you have been longing for it because the space can stand on it's own. Even if your whole house is contemporary, injecting a little "beach" vibe (yes, without the beach) is totally apropos!

Happy Monday, maybe you're off today? Wherever you are, sunshine can't be that far away! 



I have had the pleasure of chatting with a ton of brides, and am Styling a handful of choice weddings myself this year! I cannot begin to share the excitement that surrounds all things wedding in my head. Pinterest wasn't around when I got married, and I totally agree with those little e-cards that say everyone who got married in the prehistoric days before Pinterest should get an automatic do over! If someone could gather a judge and jury to tell that to my Father, it would be great! I'm kidding... kinda... ish. Like most things in my life, I decided five minutes after saying "I do" that a 5 year vow renewal (aka, amazing party) would be happening. Since 5 years is in like a year, we'll be celebrating 10! No one told me kids would be so friggin expensive! I also think anyone and everyone should be darn grateful to the mega giant Pinterest, as it has revitalized spending in the wedding industry following the early two thousands lack there of, due to the economy. As if that wasn't enough, it has brought back what I will refer to as "the little things".

You know, those "little things" like thank you notes, sweet surprises for your guests, more intimate gatherings, monograms, exceptional talent, amazing venues, heirloom dresses, sweet and grateful brides that are in the moment and kicked Bridezilla to the curb long ago and more. All of a sudden "the little things" matter again! This brings me to the overall theme of 2014...

Hosting an outdoor wedding has been done for years and years, and is here to stay. Now we're seeing outdoor elements leading the way, even in an indoor setting. Tents, tents and more tents. Woodland, Rustic and Natural are spot on in 2014, whether in an indoor or outdoor venue!

What color? Neutral is here to stay, with a heavy Metallic accent. Just as Chevron was big in '12-'13, there is a focus from home decor making it's mark in weddings. Look for Trellis, Houndstooth and the continuation of major striping! Blush leads the way with pink tones, and deep jewel tones on the vibrant color side.

Forget the package invitation as the opening statement for your wedding festivities. Your guests want information but also want to remain focused on what matters, you and your groom. Small and intimate invitations with a sweet saying and a simple web address are such a refreshing and understated, EXCITING way to leave just enough to the imagination and communicate all of your wedding details. For guests that do not use the internet, try an accompanying personalized letter guiding them through the coming months and the wedding festivities. 

Pets are still very much a wedding guest. And now, don't be afraid to include some of your less conventional pets... you know, chickens and goats! My girl Tori Spelling knows what I mean! Her main clucker, Coco is famous! Chances are, you may not have kids yet, your pet is your kid. Don't worry, we know you too will end up kicking him or her to the pet bed from your bed once baby shows up, but until then, let them revel in all the wedding glory! 

If you're in the luxury hotel scene you may begin to see less requests for synchronized service and many more for family style, sharing boards or small plates! The "Approachable Elegance" revolution as I'm coining it, demands comfort, menu items that you can pronounce and sustainable ingredients. Sure, there will be opulence in some gatherings, but don't be afraid of a little charcuterie plate! 

Forgo personalized matches or flip flop luggage tags and leave an unexpected momento! Imagine your guests surprise when they wake after the wedding to a fresh croissant and jam at their door, or milk and cookies following the celebration! I need to light my candles after returning home but trust me, I NEEDED cookies that night! 

Along the same lines as the Rustic and Natural weddings, GREEN is back in a big way. Flower garland, garden lilies, eucalyptus and more. The days of leafless affairs are over! Let more of the natural, grow on trees do the talking and less of the printed monetary kind!

How do I explain Styling... it's like the perfect mix of "accidental" elegance and concerted effort. You want an event to look like the Event Fairy (which absolutely exists) waved her magic easel and POOF, a fabulous event appeared. There is no stress, no bleeding fingers, no typos and certainly NOTHING OUT OF PLACE. We all know this is far from possible, but making your guests think that's how it all went down is the name of the game! A great Stylist is as key to your big day as the groom showing up. And no, I'm not kidding. Whatever your budget, just make some room for someone to consult with you on your wedding design. You want to make sure you're using the correct tones, you're not forgetting a great moment, you aren't pouring money into something that will be overlooked or not as impactful as you'd like. A great Stylist can do all of these things for you, like your own little Event Fairy! We live in a world with so many options, Etsy.com can unite you and your dream designer to create invitations, signs, cards, notes and more! One of a kind, just for you and your groom! And now, these little touches that make an event soar from ordinary to extraordinary are more affordable than ever! 

Leave your wedding questions in the comment below and we'll answer every single one! 
Cheers to another beautiful year of weddings and beautiful brides!
 Especially the girls I have the pleasure of Styling, standing up for or attending:
Mara, Megan, Taylor, Cori, Samantha, Nicole and Valerie